I suppose since they couldn’t find any real Asians they figured some tv Asians would do the trick, literally. The image on their website has since been removed, and an apology was given, but this sort of thing keeps happening with stock images of various minorities used by the White Power party.

Compounding the problem, comedian Margaret Cho herself has been a vocal critic of the GOP, calling them “a nightmare”.

Source: Vice News

Margaret Kim is an Asian American. She’s definitely not a Republican. She’s also not… real. But that hasn’t stopped the Arizona Republican party from using Kim, the 1994 sitcom alter ego of living, Republican-loathing comedienne Margaret Cho, as an example of its diverse support.

The cast photograph of “All-American Girl” is prominently featured on the Arizona Republican Party’s official website with the caption “Asian Americans,” and sits on a page declaring that the political party will never “demand special rights for certain races, push policies that favor members of one group over another, or single out certain ethnic or social groups with the promise of special favors or political privileges.”

The image has since been removed.

“As soon as this was brought to our attention, the page was taken down,” Torunn Sinclair, spokeswoman for the Arizona Republican Party, told VICE News. “This was obviously a mistake, and we apologize.”

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