Ariel Winter doesn’t just use Instagram to share embarrassing throwback photos — Most of the time, the photos that she shares are fresh and gorgeous.

Whether she’s hanging out in daisy dukes or wearing a bikini and posing on a pizza, Ariel Winter’s entire Instagram is pretty much one elaborate thirst trap. And she’s just added some more.

This time, it takes the form of an Instagram story, a skimpy bikini, and a very appropriate use of the peach emoji.

So, given context and Ariel’s “before and after” caption — followed by the peach emoji, it looks like these three photos are a behind-the-scenes look at a photoshoot of hers.

In the first photo, Ariel herself is off to the side.

(Don’t worry, she’s featured much more prominently later)

She’s wearing a super skimpy bikini.

Like, the bottom is just an elaborate thong.

A friend of hers or member of her entourage leans in to get a picture.

(Almost upstaging Ariel with those very deliberate slashes in their own jeans — that’s a good look)

Ariel is sitting down, which puts her butt at a great angle to be photographed for maximum flattery … as you’ll see below.

But first, Ariel shares this photo of the kind of look that she was serving for this photoshoot.

Her body is mind-blowing.

Like, we already knew that, but it’s good to be reminded sometimes.

We don’t know what kind of filter that pic was using, but the effect gives everything a dreamlike quality.

Not like a real dream, but like how dreams look on television.

The effect, with the lights reflecting in the water, makes a great backdrop.

Ariel Winter’s skin is positively glowing and her hair is catching the light.

Even though these are behind-the-scenes shots, she still looks amazing.

And yes, it’s definitely Ariel Winter even though we don’t see her face.

First of all, this story is on her Instagram.

Second of all, in that pic of her from the front, you can see what is clearly Ariel Winter’s butt tattoo.

This one reads: “Love is everything and asks for nothing.”

But third of all … remember when we mentioned how appropriate the use of the peach emoji was?


Ariel Winter’s butt is unmistakable.

It’s like a fingerprint, but better.

The peach emoji, of course, represents butts.

Particularly excessively shapely ones — like Ariel’s.

Now, look, there is so much more to Ariel Winter than her badonkadonk.

She’s a brilliantly well-spoken young woman, she’s courageously overcome so much, and she’s a talented actress.

Ariel feels confident in her amazing body and clearly enjoys showing it off, on her terms.

She wants people to appreciate how she looks — again, on her terms.

We don’t know exactly what photoshoot this is from.

We imagine that her face was cropped out of the photos that she shared in order to not spoil the entirety of the photoshoot.

In fact, there might even be video taken from that night.

We’ll have to keep an eye out on Ariel Winter’s Instagram page and elsewhere to see when the official photos from that night crop up.

Ariel Winter is such a gift.

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