EPIC!!! The fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor had celebrities taking sides. We’ve got reactions from the 10-round bout and whose team stars were on!

The biggest fight in years went down in Las Vegas on Aug. 26, pitting retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, 40, against UFC champ Conor McGregor, 29, in his first professional boxing match and the stars took sides! Which made the reactions all the more memorable when Floyd, the predicted winner, came out victorious! Although not everyone who was rooting for Conor is voicing their disappoint, Ariel Winter, 19, certainly did with a certain four-letter word! And celebs like John Boyega, 25, Sean “Diddy” Combs, 47, and John Mayer, 39, shared their amazement that the boxing champ had made it to 50 fights without a loss!

Money famously said that the only thing that could get him to come out of retirement would be a bout with the trash-talking UFC champ and he finally got his wish. The men toured the country in support of it, dissing each other in press conferences and starring in endless ads featuring flashy cars leading up to the battle. Everyone was waiting to see if Conor would be able to throw enough haymakers to take down Floyd without being able to use any of his other MMA skills. Click here for pics from the Mayweather/McGregor fight.

Before the fight we knew that Team Money included the likes of Diddy, 47, and 50 Cent, 42, who is a longtime pal of Floyd. “It’s 50, champ about to be 50-0, and the Little leprechaun is just the 50th Victim. Floyd said I’m a put the hand of God on that boy. LOL,” he captioned an Instagram post alongside the boxing great in July. Rocky himself Sylvester Stallone, 71, was rooting for Conor to take the match because it mirrored his beloved movie character.

“You know who’s gonna win. You know who’s gonna win,” he said. “I only got the underdog. It’s great for boxing. He’s the real-life Rocky,” he said of the Irishman. But he added  Conor “is long long shot but he is a SUPER WARRIOR!” and that Floyd is “almost impossible to beat.” Sly offered a solemn response when the fight was over: “My sympathies are ALWAYS with the underdog… Can’t help it, I guess it’s the ROCKY GENE in me…”

Tons more celebrities hit Twitter after Floyd’s big win to weigh in on what they thought of the epic fight:

HollywoodLifers, who were YOU rooting for in the Mayweather/McGregor fight?

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