This season on The Challenge, the odd men out might strangely have the upper hand.

Since the premiere of Invasion of the Champions, Kailah and Jenna have been playing defense. A majority of The Shelter’s inhabitants saw the ladies’ early alliance as a danger and reflexively cast them out like pariahs. Leaders like Nelson and LaToya were sure their side could eventually tire Kailah and Jenna out, keep them away from The Oasis and eventually send them packing.

But on tonight’s episode, Jenna and Kailah proved they’ll hardly go down without a fight.

Kailah, who earned a ticket to The Oasis after defeating Marie in the game’s first elimination round, nevertheless felt anxious about her place in the game. Unless Jenna and Cory secured spots, she worried she’d have to play the second Challenge leg alone. And Jenna, who’s had a history of sitting pretty as a competitor, felt the pressure of succeeding and beating the odds without the security of her usual support system.

“I’m usually a well-liked person in the house, but now that I’m associated with someone that everyone hates, it kind of sucks,” she said.

Still, after “Shell Shocked,” Jenna got her chance to prove she’s still one of the game’s strongest. Hunter, who won the mission, threw Jenna into the second elimination round, “Who’s Got Balls,” and while the game was too scary for Theo to even attempt, Jenna won the women’s heat handily. After jumping off of a towering cliff as if it were no big deal, she sent Anika packing.

And when Cory and Jenna returned to the house as victors, having secured the game’s latest pair of tickets to The Oasis, Kailah knew she’d made the right moves.

“I am so excited to see their faces,” Kailah said. “It kind of just solidifies the fact that I chose the right side. Now me, Nicole, Tony, Jenna and Cory all have our tickets [to the Oasis]. I could not be any happier.”

And suddenly, the game’s majority felt their backs being pressed against the wall.

“We’re just like, no, we’ve lost another one,” LaToya lamented.

What do you think — are Kailah and Jenna at a disadvantage, and will being the game’s outcasts kill their chances at winning? Or are they too strong to be taken down, and is their exclusion meaningless sanctimony? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to the next Challenge episode next Tuesday at 9/8c!

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