It looks like there is no end to the continuing feud between and . As the drama between the two former co-stars of the “” TV and film series gets even nastier, Sarah’s close pal has weighed in, seemingly picking a side.

During Monday’s (February 12) “Andy Cohen Live” on his exclusive SiriusXM channel Radio Andy, the 49-year-old talk show host said, “I thought it was fake.” He added in disbelief, “There was no way Kim Cattrall has posted this on Instagram.”

Andy was referring to Kim’s February 10 post where she slammed Sarah and declared, “You are not my family. You are not my friend.” It’s in contrast to Kim’s previous statement in which she thanked all of her “SATC” family for support following the death of his brother Chris.

Apparently still confused by Kim’s outburst, Andy said, “This is a woman who is in the middle of grieving the loss of her brother, which is tragic and sad.” He shared, “I was thinking about it over the weekend and I was like, ‘Well, [SJP] follows Kim on Instagram, Kim posted about her brother dying and she expressed her condolences in a comment … like, one line, that’s it.”

The TV personality continued, “And then [Sarah] was doing press all last week for ”, and when you’re doing press, you’re asked the same questions about what’s going on. So people, I’m sure, were like, ‘What do you think of what happened [with Kim’s brother]?’ And she simply and concisely expressed her condolences.”

“She expressed her condolences on the post … I would not call that exploiting a tragedy,” noted the host. “What was she supposed to do? Say something bad? I don’t understand.” He then quipped, “I also don’t like it that people are characterizing this as a fat catfight. There’s only one person fighting here.”

Rumors of a feud between the “Sex and the City” co-stars swirled for years, but the quarrel resurfaced once it was confirmed there wouldn’t be a third “Sex and the City” movie. “This is really where I take to task the people from ‘Sex and the City’, specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, is that I think she could’ve been nicer,” Kim told back in October. “I really think she could have been nicer.”

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