Amy McGrath is a retired fighter pilot and Lt. Col. who flew a F/A-18 in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2018, she narrowly lost a congressional seat against Andy Barr in Kentucky’s 6th district. Next year she’ll attempt to rid the Senate of one of its worst, Mitch McConnell.

Her strong ad seen above has been viewed millions of times on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube since yesterday, when she announced her campaign.

Source: NBC News

WASHINGTON — Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath raised more than $2.5 million in the first 24 hours of her campaign against Mitch McConnell — over $1 million of it coming in just the first five and a half hours after she announced, according to her campaign.

McGrath campaign manager Mark Nickolas said it’s the most ever raised in the first 24 hours of a Senate campaign. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee says the next closest was former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, who raised $1 million in his first day of his campaign in Arizona.

The haul is a sign of just how deep Democratic antipathy toward McConnell, the Senate majority leader, runs in the Trump era.

All of the $2.5 million came in online donations with an average donation of $36.15, her campaign manager said. The $2.5 million total doesn’t include any additional traditional fundraising money that may have been raised in the form of checks or promised campaign contributions.

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