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Kanye West’s rap line “with the girls a lot of flirting involved” on his single “Drive Slow,” basically sums up the latest episode of Hip Hop Squares.

First Adrienne Bailon expresses her unhealthy obsession with Love & Hip Hop’s Cardi B, and reveals that the reality star “keeps her up at night watching videos on Instagram.” Of course, host DeRay Davis had to chime in and jokingly add, “I would love to see her keep you up at night.”

Then walks in this week’s celebrity contestant and supermodel Jessica White, and her eyes made a quick B line towards Amber Rose. “Amber I was looking at you because I’m coming to you first,” White reveals.

“Aw babe, I’m ready for you,” Rose replies.

Joe Budden quickly cuts the tension asking, “are y’all flirting on set?”

What Amber Rose says next might leave you shocked. Watch the highlight video above to see where the flirting goes next.

Tune in for more flirtatious moments from Hip Hop Squares on Monday + 9/8c on VH1.

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