This is actually incredible. Amazon Go is about to change the way YOU will shop, come 2017 and you’re never going to believe it! The American electronic commerce is taking your smart phone, an innovative app and a grab-and-go grocery store to make your shopping experience hassle-free and easier than ever before! Check out 5 things to know about Amazon Go!

Amazon is turning the tables when it comes to shopping with its Amazon Go app! The latest creative invention by the cloud computing company will take your dreaded grocery shopping trip and turn it into an easy, breezy experience. All you need is yourself and your smart phone, and the Amazon Go app, of course! Here’s 5 key things to know about the newest and craziest way to get your shopping done:

1. What is Amazon Go?

Amazon Go is an app for your smartphone that coincides with its own store. You can actually log into the app, enter an Amazon Go store, and grocery shop without human interaction or a checkout counter. Everything is done simply from your phone. Upon entering the store, you can actually “grab-and-go” with your items, and as long as you are logged into the app, everything is accounted for. And, get this — On-site workers prepare fresh, ready-to-eat food every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snack options!

2. How do I enter the store?

When you log into the Amazon Go app, you will use your smartphone to scan yourself into the store. With cameras, computer technology, and your app , Amazon will know you are inside its store.

3. What is the checkout process like, and how can I avoid pesky checkout lines?

You can avoid the annoying lines, simply because there won’t be any! When you enter an Amazon Go store, you will NOT see any checkout counters, cashiers or lines because everything is tallied and paid for through your app. So, when you shop and need cheese, bread, milk, (etc.), you can actually go and grab your items and stick them inside your bag. Amazon’s technology and the app, along with sensors and cameras will do all of the rest. Your items will be accounted for and charged to your account when you step out of the store. Also, if you pick something up and it is tallied onto your account, and then you decide you don’t want it at the last minute, you can put it back and it will be removed from your cart automatically.

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4. How is this not like shoplifting?

Well, although this seems like an odd way to shop, everything is totally legal. Since Amazon’s technology knows you are in the store, your app will do the rest. Like we mentioned above, everything will be charged to your account through sensors and other identifying technologies throughout the store.

5. When can I access an Amazon Go store?

Right now, there is only one Amazon Go store open in Seattle. However, the store is only available to Amazon’s employees at this time since it is a test store. The store is slated to be available to the public sometime in 2017. As for Amazon expanding its latest store, we’re hoping this takes off so we can skip the busy shopping lines!

Amazon’s latest technology could revolutionize the retail industry and change the way we shop forever. 2017 could be the year we enter stores without having little to no human interaction. The only downfall to this that we can see is, make sure your phone is charged!

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