It’s been just about a month since Alec Baldwin came to Saturday Night Live to do his lovely Donald Trump impression.

And, in case you missed it, a lot of things have happened with Trump in the past month.

He bombed Syria, for one, but he also had that massive Trumpcare disaster. Throw in the constant rumors that Melania refuses to move to the White House with him and a bunch of general discontent …

Things haven’t been going too great for ol’ Donnie.

And so in this skit, Baldwin’s Trump did just want the real Trump does — he met with his supporters so he can feel good about himself.

Stopping at a little gathering down in Kentucky, Trump gave a short speech about all the “good” things he’s been doing lately.

“The media is saying nice things and no one is talking about Russia,” he said. “Wow, what a difference just 59 Tomahawk missiles can make.”


Trump was asked questions about new jobs, healthcare, the federal rehab program, afterschool programs, and his answer to all the problems!

To just get rid of all of it, of course! And through pain and anger and tears, the people still told him “You’re my president!”

“See, that’s why I came here,” Trump said, “you people stand by me no matter what. It’s like you found a finger in your chili, but you still eat the chili because you told everyone how much you love chili. It’s tremendous.”

See SNL’s Trump in action in the clip below:

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