Abby Lee Miller may be going to prison.

But she isn’t going quietly.

The former Dance Moms host was sentenced to a year in prison on Tuesday, just under a year since she pleaded guilty to hiding $755,000 from the government as part of a bankruptcy scheme.

According to various sources, Miller took the stand at her sentencing hearing and broke down in tears while trying to convince a judge to take it easy on her.

She blamed her sudden rise to fame for her poor decision-making and said she had already learned some hard lessons, but the judge wasn’t overly sympathetic.

“You weren’t truthful, even when you knew you were supposed to tell everything, you still weren’t truthful,” she told Miller, adding:

“Somehow you got caught up in the world of fame and you lost your moral compass.”

As a result, Miller will be forced to pay a fine of $40,000; spend the aforementioned year behind bars; and then remain on supervised release for two years afterward.

It could have been worse, however:

She could have been sentenced to FIVE years in jail and been forced to pay $5 million in fines.

Shortly after her fate was revealed in court, Miller spoke to Entertainment Tonight and other news outlets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I feel relieved,” she told reporters outside the courthouse. “I feel peaceful.”

Relieved?!? At peace?!? How so, considering what lies ahead of her?

Partly because Miller once again said she’s “pitching a new show” already, likely one that will chronicle her post-Dance Moms journey and her time in the clink.

“I have been so very successful – maybe that’ll be some time to work,” Miller confusingly said, adding of this proposed series: “There’s dancing in it!”

We wonder: Will there also be toilet scrubbing in it? Or cafeteria duty? Or prison yard clean-up?

Miller sounds aware that she’ll learn about all these things as an inmate, but she’s trying to remain positive.

“There’s a few physical limitations, dietary limitations [in prison], of course, but it’ll be OK,” she said.

“It’s a realm of the world I know nothing about. I just know what I know and I do the best I can…

“I know that I didn’t make the right decisions all the time. I think [the punishment’s] just begun.”

It has, but we’ve also been here before.

Teresa Giudice went to jail for several months for a similar financial crime. She was then freed… and immediately signed a huge new contract with Bravo to be featured on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Sadly, Miller will likely profit off this sentencing in the end.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Miller said her life advice for others would be to simply “live and learn,” while she said the following in court:

I am very sorry for what I’ve done and the inconvenience I’ve caused others.

My friends and colleagues have shed tears because of my careless mistakes. I have accepted responsibility for my actions and pled guilty to the two charges against me.

My name has been dragged through the mud and Abby Dance Company no longer exists in the very building that I was trying to save and I know that my future is uncertain.

I can only assure you that I will never be in front of a court again.

Miller, of course, resigned her post as Dance Moms host several weeks ago.

Lifetime then announced that Cheryl Burke will take over in this role for the remainder of Season 8.

In the wake of Miller’s sentencing, a few Dance Moms stars took to social media and wished her well.

Elliana Walmsley: “I love you Miss Abby. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. You have taught me so much about dance and life. Look how I can bevel now and ‘break’ my feet.

“You mean SO much to me and I will always be there for you.”

Maesi Caes: Sending so many powerful, positive vibes, HUUUUUUUGGGGGEEE hugs, LOTS of love and prayers of strength across the miles to @therealabbylee for my #maesismotivationalmonda.

“Sometimes the strength within you is not a big, fiery flame for all to see. It’s just a tiny spark that whispers ‘YOU GOT THIS.'”

Kamryn Beck: “Don’t believe everything you see on t.v. You’ll be in my prayers @therealabbylee. love you.”

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