On the most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, artist Chanel West Coast asked A1 to check her track record that Charlamagne was apparently also sleeping on and yet the two men still don’t respect it.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you would’ve seen fans on Twitter and IG alike have jokes for days about Chanel West Coast putting A1 and Marcus Black onto her Young Money Cash Money discography.

To backtrack, it all started a few months ago when Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne was a guest on MTV’s Ridiculousness. You see, when Charlamagne tried to play Chanel about her music career, Ms. West Coast let him and the audience know just how much she has accomplished.

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And as she told Charlamagne, Chanel reiterated how extensive that same resume is to A1 and he is still unimpressed. He read Chanel like she was a verse from Deuteronomy on a Sunday.

In keeping that same humor in Chanel’s self-comparison to greats such as Drake and Kanye, A1 let this IG mash up speak for him.

He captioned, “Yooo.. Tuh!”

But wait, there’s more. After the airing of Monday’s night show, Charlamagne made Chanel the “Donkey of the Day” feature on Tuesday.

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In commenting on that scene, Charlamagne says,

That’s why you have to treat everyone with respect because you never know who’s going to be who. Basically A1 told the deli owner to hold the mayonnaise. Now when the mayo that is Chanel West Coast wasn’t allowed on A1’s sandwich, when she got introduced to ’A Tribe Called Curve,’ not only did she start running down her track record; it was interesting to see how she took me telling her that she was wack.

After playing the scene (one of the top five shadiest moments in LHHH history of A1 checking Chanel), Charlamagne continues,

Chanel West Coast thinks because I called Drake and Kanye before that since I called her “wack” as well she’s on their level. First of all, even though Drake has never been my cup of green tea, I’ve always said he was an extremely talented individual. Just because I call Kanye West, Kanye Kardashian and I think he’s in the ’Sunken Place’ does not mean I am not a fan. Kanye West is a musical legend. You Chanel, are none of these things.

Ouch. He then goes on to explain the different types of delusions before sealing Chanel’s fate as “Donkey of the Day.” Cold world.

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