So Director of National Intelligence and former Republican Senator Dan Coats would say out loud and on camera what Trump said to him about the investigation. His overly hesitant answer to the Senate Intelligence Committee starts at the :47 mark. See if you can count the um’s and ah’s while talking about the so-called president:

DAN COATS: Uh, I do believe that uh, the, um, information and discussions that I have had with the president uh, are s-s-s-something that should not be, um, disclosed. On the other hand, uh, if I’m called before an investigative committee, I would certainly provide them with what I know and what I don’t know.

Former CIA Chief and MSNBC analyst John McLaughlin (the other one) was not asked, not prompted, but had to speak up at the end of this clip.

MCLAUGHLIN: Frankly, Andrea, that would be a nightmare scenario, to have a president ask you to shut down the investigation. You would know instantly: that is inappropriate. And the instinct would be to write that down and keep a statement of it.

The question remains as ever: What the hell will the Republicans in Congress DO about it?

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