All of the exes are back on the beach — and the narrator something tells us that their last night is not going to be “smooth sailing.”

During tonight’s penultimate installment of the relations**t show, host Romeo announced a few imminent developments. First the good news: Everyone was staying put and not going home (self-named “elimination king” Derrick was elated); instead, it would be a Crush Ceremony. Everyone would be participating (and OGs could crush OGs for the inaugural time) — but if you didn’t receive a special chip, you would officially be going home alone.

But there was more (of course) — a “bang,” to quote Romeo.

“There hasn’t been a Shack of Secrets in a while — there will be one tonight,” he revealed.

And yet again, that wasn’t all. “But it won’t just be one Shack of Secrets — there’s a possibility that it may be multiple Shack of Secrets.” Big reactions all around the place — including one massive eye roll.

So what can we expect? According to a glimpse of the finale, chaos will ensue — examples include Jasmine‘s former flame’s jaw literally on the floor, Chase‘s ladies going at it and a Crush ceremony that is going to render us without words.

Do not miss the finale episode of Ex on the Beach on Thursday at 9/8c.

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