For over a month, the internet’s been working on a theory: Bhad Bhabie is a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lookalike. And while the physical comparisons may have come at a surprise, Bhad Bhabie fans determined it made sense, because only their fave could compare to the famed, late composer of the eighteenth century.

The theory grew steam over the last month until Bhad Bhabie herself caught wind of the comparison this weekend. Not only does it seem like she agrees with the similarities, but Bhad Bhabie owned up to the only logical conclusion: she’s Mozart’s reincarnation.

Though there’s no doubt that Bhad Bhabie has true lyrical and rhythmic skills, it’s nearly impossible to prove her bold claim. In search of the truth, I’ve rounded up six other celebrities that display their own uncanny similarities to the composer’s portraits.

Dylan Sprouse

The recent “Consequences” music video star’s stint with long hair resembles a portrait of Mozart at eleven years old with his lengthy, flowing locks and fitted, stylish jacket.


It’s not just the bold red outfit that suggests Normani could be the next Mozart; the strong nose, the evenly-parted hair and slight side profile are all highly suspicious, too.

King Princess

Considering King Princess claims to have a fondness for the past on “1950,” it’s not out of the realm of possibility that she may have once been the 1756-born composer.

Charlie Puth

This one may be a little too obvious, really; Charlie Puth is pop music’s favorite pianist of the moment and his resting piano face is all too similar to that of Mozart.

Lady Gaga

Just weeks after proving herself the master of recreations in A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga’s masculine-embracing look at ELLE’s 2018 Women in Hollywood could be the sign of another reincarnation.

Camila Cabello

Sure, Camila might not have an identical style to Mozart at age nine, but they’re at least twinning in arm and hand placement and serving a similar blush and smirk — even though Camila’s 21 years old.


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