These celebs unapologetically live the high life! Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, & more stars travel in style on private jets and give us an inside look with some sexy plane selfies!

Kim Kardashian just revealed her struggle to keep her kids in line while traveling on a private jet for her Fourth of July vacation– luckily they weren’t flying economy like the average Joe! Of course, several celebs have the luxury of flying private, and while some choose not to (like Chrissy Teigen), others take to Instagram to share their experience in the sky! While Kim’s recent in-air experience wasn’t as pleasant as flying private usually is because her kids were misbehaving, there’s been other occasions where Kimberly has posted some sultry selfies from inside her plane! Just weeks ago, the KKW Beauty mogul posed on a private jet to show off her new lipstick shades in a pouty selfie. She also shared a pic of a smiling Kanye holding his daughter Chicago in his lap, while they jetted off to Jackson Hole. Click here to see pics of celebs flying private!

Kim clearly got it from her mama, because Kris Jenner has also taken her private jet escapades to her Insta feed! The KarJenner matriarch shared a photo of her sitting on the steps of a private plane, wearing a flannel top and black leggings, back in April for a day trip! “TGIF have a great weekend everyone!” Kris captioned the pic before jetting off. Even momagers need a vacation. Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian notably flew private to Coachella this year, just a day after their sis Khloe Kardashian gave birth to her daughter True. The sisters posed in front of the plane, joined by Kylie’s BFF Jordyn Woods, and there is no denying we were all extremely jealous.

No, it’s not just the KarJenner’s that fly private! Gigi Hadid celebrated her birthday two years ago on BFF Taylor Swift‘s private plane, after the duo made a pitstop in Coachella for some B-Day fun! “Birthday Weekend Goals-met vibes. One night at Coachella, thank you T!” the model captioned the photo of her biting a strawberry off of a cake Taylor brought her. Cute! Another member of Tay’s squad, Selena Gomez, also has snapped pics inside her private plane, showing her munching on fast food and icing her legs after a gig. Now that’s the life!

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