Each KarJenner sister has her own unique style, but there’s one trend they can all get behind: not wearing pants. The girls have all left their jeans at home to walk out in nothing but giant t-shirts. See the pics!

There are two reasons why dresses are such great style staples: you don’t need to match two articles of clothing, and pants aren’t necessary. But KimKhloe, and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as their half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, have all taken their love of comfort and easy outfit picking one step further by skipping bottoms with looks that would typically require a pair of skinny jeans. My heroes.

We can all agree that t-shirts aren’t dresses, but that hasn’t stopped the KarJenner women from pretending their oversized tops are fine on their own. Kim and Kylie love to give their huge shirts some structure by cinching them in at the waist with a corset. Kourtney and Kendall have also twinned in their pants-less looks. The two siblings have both taken a casual approach to their ensembles by rocking the same baggy oversized Yeezus Tour sweatshirts with nothing underneath. Kourt opted to give off the illusion of pants by pairing her look with thigh-high boots, while the supermodel bared her legs completely while wearing flats. Then there’s Khloe who also loves pairing a thigh-high boot with a slouchy long-sleeved top. TBH, even though all of the sisters have tried the same trend, they all bring something unique to the look, proving that it’s actually a pretty doable style to copy.

As spring creeps closer, the temperature will rise and many women will start incorporating more dresses, skirts and shorts into their closets. But if you’re bored of the typical dresses you find on a rack, click through the gallery above and let the KarJenner girls inspire you on how to turn unexpected tops into full outfits that don’t even require a pair of leggings.

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